Sectoral Opportunities

Business friendly policies, key initiatives and a series of reforms have put India on the global map as one of the fastest growing economies. The country is also one of the most attractive investment destinations in the world. Here’s a look at the top reasons to invest in India in the Food Processing Industry.

  • Dairy
    1. Largest global producer of milk with a CAGR of 13-15% in the coming years thereby offering huge opportunity for technology, automation, integration etc.
  • Fruits & Vegetables
    1. 2nd largest global producer of fruits & vegetables. Current processing level in this sector is less than 2% thus providing an immense scope for investments.
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  • Cereals & Grains
    1. 2nd in rice & wheat production and largest exporter of cereal product. Offers huge opportunity for milling technology up-gradation, automation, integration, fortification etc.
  • Marine
    1. 2nd in fish production but processing levels low at ~23%. Offers huge opportunity cold chain, export, packaging innovations, product differentiation etc.
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  • Poultry
    1. 3rd in egg production and 5th in meat production globally. The opportunity lies in aligning with the changing consumer habits towards processed, cleaned and frozen meat and poultry products.
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  • Retail
    1. The food retail sector in India is largely unorganized and opening up of the FDI policy offers huge opportunity for organized retail to develop. Share of organized sector is expected to increase to 24% by 2020. E-commerce is another growing segment offering huge opportunity.
  • Cold chain
    1. Organized retail also offers huge opportunity for growth of cold chain sector. The existing gap for reefers, pack houses and ripening chambers are areas worth exploring and investing. Government of India has already begun huge transformation in this area. 101 cold chains have been sanctioned.
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